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Dublin Gents Stroke-Play Sponsored by Drain Doctor

Inters at Old Co 11th June

09:00 N Ryan ( Lucan ) B Fitzpatrick ( Old Co ) T Graham ( Ierne )
09:08 G Mulvaney ( Portmarnock ) D Hayden ( Lucan ) T Ward ( L/town )
09:16 P County ( Lucan ) A Mithen ( L/town ) D Egan ( R.G.S.C )
09:24 D Lee ( Lucan ) S Cadogan ( Portmarnock ) T Balfe ( Old Co )
09:32 B Gorey ( C.P.M. ) T Heffernan ( Erins Isle ) D Beatty ( Eains Isle )
09:40 R Harkin ( L/Town ) W Fogarty ( Erins Isle ) P Griffin ( Old Co )
09:48 T Judd ( Portmarmock ) C Cawley ( L/Town ) R Byrne ( Glenville )
09:56 D Crum ( Portmarnock ) C Egan ( Old Co ) M Aherne ( Lucan )

Juniors at Old Co 11th June

10:04 S Needham ( Lucan ) K Pottor ( Glenville ) M Kellet ( Old Co )
10:12 T O’Shaughnessy ( Lucan ) K Kersaw ( Glenville ) t Byrne (Old Co )
10:20 A Ryan ( glenville ) T Parsons ( Old Co ) B Warner ( L/Town )
10:28 J O’Keefe ( C.P.M ) B Mullally ( Ierne )

P.P.U.I Dress code applies.
Please check in 20 mins before tee off time’s

Dublin Ladies Inter & Senior S/P sponsored by Eamonn Birchall

Inters @ Old Co 10th June
1300 V Glennon(Old Co) M Mills (RGSC) N O Gorman (Ringcommons)
1308 L Whelan (Old Co) P Condron (Lucan) S Sheridan (Glenville)
1316 L Grace (RGSC) E Nolan (Fairview CY) D Mason (Old Co)
1324 P Balfe (Old Co) C Tracey (RGSC) P Quinlan (Ringcommons)
1332 M Nugent (Old Co) M Salmon (RGSC) T Smith (Lucan)
1340 M Shiels (Ringcommons) C O Reilly (Old Co)
1348 G Reeves (Glenville) D Curran (Old Co)

Seniors @ Old Co 10th June
1400 S Keeley (RGSC) B Furlong (Lucan) S Elmes (Portmarnock)
1408 G Hoey (RGSC) L Thomson (Lucan) H Greagsbey (Fairview CY)
1416 M O Toole (Shandon) G Holland (RGSC) G Ward (Portmarnock)

PPUI dress code applies. All Players check in 20mins before tee off time.

Dublin Ladies Junior Stroke Play sponsored by Eamonn Birchall 10th June @ Old Co

0900 K Condron (Old Co) C Fox (Glenville)
0908 A Smith (Old Co) I Finnegan (Glenville)
0916 M Dooley (RGSC) P Davis (Old Co)
0924 M Daniel (Old Co) C Ankers (Glenville)
0932 E Cousins (Glenville) J Kane (Old Co)
0940 J Redmond (Old Co) A Rodgers (Ringcommons)
0948 C Keane (Glenville) N O Reilly (Old Co)
0956 L Murphy (Ringcommons) B Boyle Glenville)
1004 C Mulvey (Glenville) A Duffy (Ringcommons)
1012 V Moore (Old Co) M Doyle (Glenville)
1020 D Egan (Glenville) M Tobin (Ringcommons)
1028 T Keatinge (Old Co) T Cooney (Glenville) R Collins (Fairview CY)

PPUI Dress Code Please Check in 20mins before your tee off time.

Leinster Gents Strokeplay Qualifiers

Leinster Strokeplay Senior Gents Qualifying in Loughlinstown:
Holder-Keith Redmond Lucan
JR Crangle Loughlinstown 91
Chris Gallagher Lucan 94
Junior Smith RGSC 94
Tom Mason Loughlinstown 94
Gary Healy Loughlinstown 96
George McGreal Old County 96
Eoin Mithen Loughlinstown 96
Kevin Bermingham Old County 97
Darren O’Reilly Lucan 97
Stephen Murray Old County 97
Anthony Mahony Glenville 98

Leinster Strokeplay Qualifiers in Portmarnock:

Paul Griffin Old Co. 99
Barry Gorey C.P.M. 99
Thomas Judd Portmarnock 99
David Beatty Erin’s Isle 102
Christy Broe Old Co. 102
Tom McMorrow Lucan 102
Michael Aherne Lucan 102
Robert Byrne G/Ville 104
Albert Mithen Loughlinstown 104
David Crum Portmarnock 105
Chris Cawley Loughlinstown 106 (B9)
Justin Gill Loughlinstown 106(B9 )

Stephen Needham Lucan 112
Keith Potter Glenville 114
Brendan Warner Loughlinstown 115
Peter Brady Portmarnock 115

Dublin Strokeplay Practice Times:

The following post is from the Old County P&P Club regarding the practice times for the upcoming Dublin Strokeplay Finals.

The Old County P&P Committee would like to confirm the practice times for the Dublin Strokeplay finalists will be as follows;

May 31st All day

June 1st, 6th, 7th & 8th All day

The course will be closed on Friday the 9th June.

We would like to wish all the finalists the very best of luck and hope you enjoy the Championship.


All filled out league cards are to be sent to as soon as possible to our League Secretary Junior Smith. Players who are not on the original entry form but have been registered must have their Registration Number put down 0n the card also. Thank You

DCB on Dublin City FM 103.2

Tonight see’s the return of the Dublin Pitch & Putt segment on the Friday Sports Desk on Dublin City FM 103.2 with Jimmy Coleman & Brendan Conlan. The show will be airing at 7 pm and will run through to 7.30pm so listen out for us. The link to the show can be found below

Ringcommons Scotch Foursomes 25th-28th May

In the rural northeast region of Dublin around 5k away from Balbriggan lies a hidden gem of the pitch and putt roster in the shape of Ringcommons P&P Club. As you wind your way down the tight roads you can catch a glimpse through the hedges of a few of the holes that grace the 2nd portion of the course. Arriving at the front gate the whole area opens up to a wonderful facility not only host to pitch and putt but to football teams and cricket teams.

The grounds of the Ringcommons Club are in a low-lying area with impeded drainage, showing signs of peat development in its upper horizons.The site was drained around 30yrs ago but it still contains pockets of wet and damp ground where marsh vegetation occurs. In the late 1970′s the Ringcommons Sports Centre was founded when players from various cricket clubs came together to set up their own club on the grounds, so with the help of local landowners and some strong fundraising, the club was formed.
In the 1990′s the club grew and grew with various sports taking place on the grounds and it wasn’t until just before the Millenium that the pitch & putt course took shape on the Ringcommons layout. Since it’s inception the club has held County, Provincial and National major championships. The club has the facilities to envy all others with a fully operational bar, changing rooms and the hosting of the Ladies National Strokeplay brought those facilities to life as the club hosted an amazing championship with Chrissie Byrne putting on a show of the highest order with a scintillating first round 43 when taking the Senior crown adding to a Leinster Strokeplay title she had previously won on the course.
The course itself is quite flat but there are many challenging aspects to it. The first hole is a nice opener with a fairly big target to hit just over 50mtrs away. The 2nd hole is a little shorter with a bunker lying in wait for any slack pitches short and the green raises slightly from front to back. The 3rd hole is a small ‘flick’ but can cause many problems! Bush’s lie to the front of the green just inches away in fact. The green is also very tricky to read with two tiers to it. The front portion of the green is quite small and although from the tee you think it is a birdie hole it can be anything but.
After playing the blind sighted shot to the 4th we come through a little walkway over the bridge to another section of the course which houses two greens but 4 tee boxes. The 5th is a very good chance of birdie as it is a big green but the 6th is another hole in the same mould as the 3rd but plays a little bit longer. 7 & 8 are shots over the walkways once again but two very different holes. The green on 7 is raised from front to back and it’s notoriously tricky to get close to the pin especially when it is on the front edge but the stream is never in play. The 8th brings the stream right into play as the green is just over the bridge but would still be considered a birdie hole once a solid pitch is struck. The 9th hole rounds of the front portion of the course with a very tough pitch to a green which is wider rather than lengthier.
The back 9 starts off with another little pitch which is fraught with danger. Raised from right to left the pin placement can make this hole extremely tough to get close to. The 11th & 13th are very similar holes playing a good distance with mounds guarding the front of each green. The greens are also similar with slopes from front to back. The similarities continue in the back 9 as the 12th and 14th are also closely matched with them both having the feel of very birdie-able holes. The only problem with them is they have no target areas such as bunkers or mounds to guide you, so the distance can seem funny at times.
The 15th is a very small shot but can be dangerous if you go long or through the green. The final 3 holes are a fantastic finishing stretch. The 16th is a really tough pitch when the pin is on the top level of a sloped green from front to back and anyone out the back will be looking for a par at best! The 17th is, without a doubt, the toughest hole on the course with a pitch over 60mtrs to a green which slopes from right to left with the drop off the left side increasing the further the ball goes. The pitching area is quite small though as the green slopes on all angles. The 18th is a very nice finishing hole with a very big green to hit. The only problem is, you cannot see the target from the tee box as it is completely blind. The green is once again slightly sloped from front to back and it is a good chance to finish off your round with a birdie.
The Ringcommons Scotch Foursomes will run from May 25th to 28th so get out and play this brilliant course over the next few days.
Club Address:
Ringcommons SC,
Co. Dublin
Clubhouse Phone No: (01) 841 2253

Dublin Strokeplay Championship Qualifying Sponsored by The Drain Doctors

The Dublin County Board would like to thank the players who responded quickly to the collapse of a player while the Seniors were in Erins Isle qualifying. We would like to thank the Erin’s Isle GAA & P&P club members also for their work today for their quick response’s to such an incident before the ambulance arrived.

Due to the incident, the DCB felt it was in the best interest of all players that today’s DCB Senior County Strokeplay qualifying was canceled and all players playing today will now qualify for the finals in Old County.

The trial which was also taking place will be rearranged for another date to be announced asap but it will take place once again in Erins Isle. The DCB would like to thank all the players for understanding the decision made and would like to wish the player all the best on his recovery.

Meanwhile in Ierne the Inter Gents were battling it out and the scoring was tough just like in the Senior trial the previous week.

Dublin Strokeplay Intermediate Qualifiers in Ierne:
M Aherne (Lucan) 102
C Egan (Old County) 103
D Crum (Portmarnock) 104
C Cawley (Loughlinstown) 104
T Judd (Portmarnock) 104
P Griffin (Old County)  105
W Fogarty (Erins Isle) 105
R Byrne (Glenville) 105
R Harkin (Loughlinstown) 106
D Beatty (Erins Isle) 107
T Heffernan (Erins Isle) 108
B Gorey (CPM) 109
T Balfe (Old County) 109
S Cadogan (Portmarnock) 109
D Egan (RGSC) 110
D Lee (Lucan) 110
P County (Lucan) 111
A Mithen (Loughlinstown) 111
D Hayden II (Lucan) 112
G Mulvaney  (Portmarnock) 112
T Ward (Loughlinstown) 112
B Fitzpatrick (Old County) 112
T Graham (Old County) 112
N Ryan (Lucan) 113
Subs L Fitzpatrick (Portmarnock), A McGrath (Ierne), P Gaynor (RGSC).

Ladies Inter Co Trials

The senior trial fixed for Sunday 21st May is postponed also the inter trial for the 27th May. We hope to have the trials rearranged for a later date the players who entered will receive notice ASAP we apologize for any inconvenience caused.