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Dublin Leagues

At last weeks Dublin County Board meeting in CYMC, the league secretary stated he is interested in hearing from participating clubs their ideas and thoughts on the format of the Dublin Leagues in 2018.

The numbers in certain sections have fallen down on previous years and the leagues have greatly reduced in this time but the quality has not.

Why do players not want to play in the leagues?

Does it need a change of format in your grade? Is it the rush through traffic to make matches? Is it the time aspect on a weekday evening?

Is it the prizes?

Is there anything even wrong with the leagues?

What do you think? Let us know

The Dublin County Board have their next meeting on March 5th. We encourage all players of all standards to get in touch with their club committees to bring forward any ideas to our next meeting.

Thank you

Captains Drive In!

Please feel free to send in any pictures you may have of your ‘Captains Drive in’ as we embark on another Pitch & Putt season!

It would be great to see the clubs up and running!

Please email to ‘’.

DCB Sponsorship/Fundraising

The DCB are very, very lucky and grateful to our two main sponsors over recent years: Eamonn Birchall & The Drain Doctor, who currently sponsor our two flagship events: The Dublin Ladies & Dublin Gents, Strokeplay Championships. Thankyou to both for your continued support.

As you know, Sponsorship & Fundraising is the difference between making a profit, breaking even or making a loss at the end of the year.

The DCB intend to run some events this season to help raise funds that we can put back into our game. Please watch out for them through the season and if you can participate where you can, we would be very grateful.

The DCB are also keen on finding more sponsors for the main events that are not already sponsored. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the events or indeed can point the DCB towards someone who might, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretary at the below details.

If you have any ideas on sponsorship or fundraising, don’t hesitate to contact us either. We would love to hear from you.

On behalf of the Dublin County Board

Darren Thornberry.


Phone: 085 2708844

Dublin Board Secretary – Contact Details

The DCB Secretary (Darren Thornberry) can be contacted at the below details for any questions/queries you may have through the season:


Phone: 085 2708844

Address is in the PPUI fixtures book.

Darren is also looking for each club to send him an email address in order to get quick correspondence out, if required. Please send on, if not already done.

John Mulroy RIP

Condolences to the family and friends of John Mulroy {RGSC} who recently passed away. May he Rest In Peace.

Co Board Meeting

The next Co Board meeting will take place in Fairview CY on Monday 12th Febuary at 8 15pm.
Please note change of venue.

Dublin Co Board Convention

The following officers were elected
Chairman Anthony Malone
V/ Chairman (vacant)
Secretary Darren Thornberry
Treasurer Marise Carroll
Comp.Sec (vacant)
League Sec Junior Smith
PRO (vacant)
Under 16′s Officer Miriam Salmon
Registrar (vacant)
We would appreciate if these vacancies were filled, anyone interested please contact our Secretary or any of the above officers.