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Latest DCB Inter County Trials

Leinster Gents Stokeplay Qualifiers

Leinster Senior Strokeplay Qualifiers for Dublin @ Ierne:

96 Anthony Malone Lucan -12
98 George McGreal Old County -10
98 Karl Murphy Old County -10
98 Dennis Monaghan -10
98 JR Crangle Loughlinstown -10
98 Julian Kelly Glenville -10
99 Gary Healy Loughlinstown -9
100 Darren O’Reilly Lucan -8
100 Junior Smith RGSC -8
101 Kevin Corcoran Old County -7 (On back 18)

96 Chris Cawley Loughlinstown -12
103 Tom McMorrow Lucan -5
104 Trevor Ward Loughlinstown -4
105 Dave Maloney Loughlinstown -3
106 Thomas Judd Portmarnock -2
107 Robert Berney Old County -1
108 Gareth Walsh CPM Lvl
108 Albert Mithen Loughlinstown Lvl

110 Conor O’Shea Old County +2
113 Joseph O’Connor Glenville +5
114 Stephen Needham Lucan +6
117 Keith Kershaw Glenville +9

Player Behaviour – Dublin Board Update

After a discussion around player behaviour at our meeting on Monday night in Lucan with club delegates – The full Board would like to remind players of the below points:

  1. No player should NR a qualifying or finals round of a Dublin Championship unless there is an Emergency. The Dublin Board respectfully request players to adhere to the code of etiquette that exists in our game, out of courtesy to your playing partner(s) and Championship organisers.
  2. On the same principal, players who qualify for final events in Dublin or indeed Provincial or National events – are expected to turn up unless there is an Emergency.
  3. Failure to respect the above could jeopardise your entry into that event next time and/or jeopardise your place on any Dublin Team you are competing to be part of.

World Cup Golden Goal – DCB Fundraiser

Ireland are not in the World Cup this summer but it doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun! Stephen Keating from the Old County club has helped us organise a bit of fun and a bit of fundraising at the same time – We would like to thank Stephen for organising this for us.

Basically we are focusing on the Germany & England group games. We have Golden Goal tickets for each and they are now in circulation – contact you club delegate or Dublin Board Rep for more info or to buy a ticket. Tickets cost €10 and will show you a specific number for either the German games or the England games – this number represents the minute of the match. This is the minute that you will have for each of the three group games that Germany or England are involved in (Whatever Country you get). If the first goal is scored in that minute – you win €150. If you have the minute either side of the first goal – you get €20.

Best of luck to all and please support where you can.

Dublin Strokeplay Qualifiers for Senior & Intermediate Gents

Full Senior Qualifiers for the Dublin Strokeplay Finals:

Automatic: Stephen Murray Old County
94 David Hayden Lucan -14
97 Tom Ryan Portmarnock -11
98 Darren Kane Lucan -10
98 JR Crangle Loughlinstown -10
99 Paul McGreal Old County -9
99 Damian Creevey Lucan -9
100 Terry McMorrow Lucan -8
100 Darren O’Reilly Lucan -8
101 Jason Larkin Ierne -7
102 Fred Mahon Lucan -6
102 Colm Byrne Ringcommon -6
102 Michael Aherne Lucan -6
102 Tom O’Reilly Old County -6
103 Anthony Malone Lucan -5
103 Julian Kelly Glenville -5
103 George McGreal Old County -5
103 Chris Gallagher Lucan -5
103 John Price Lucan -5
104 Paddy Noonan Lucan -4
104 Andy Lowe Old County -4
104 Phillip Sweeney Lucan -4
104 Eoin Mithen Loughlinstown -4
105 Gary McGreal Old County -3
105 Stephen Power Old County -3
105 Junior Smith RGSC -3
105 Gary Healy Loughlinstown -3
105 Paul Nolan Ierne -3
106 Joe Joyce Glenville -2
106 Kevin Corcoran Old County -2
106 Thomas Barry Erins Isle -2
107 Kevin Bermingham Old County -1
108 Karl Murphy Old County Lvl

Full Intermediate Qualifiers for the Dublin Strokeplay Finals:
-4 Tony Gallagher Lucan 104
-3 Albert Mithen Loughlinstown 105
-2 David Hayden II Lucan 106
-2 Tom McMorrow Lucan 106
2 Bertie Byrne Glenville 110
2 Trevor Ward Loughlinstown 110
3 Danny Kilduff Lucan 111
3 Richard Harkin Loughlinstown 111
4 Darren Egan RGSC 112
4 David Lee Lucan 112
4 Paul County Lucan 112
5 Barry Gorey CPM 113
5 Paddy Gaynor RGSC 113
6 Robert Berney Old County 114
6 Thomas Brady Portmarnock 114
6 Noel Leonard Lucan 114
6 Robert Byrne Glenville 114
7 Sean McGrath Lucan 115
7 Christopher Byrne Lucan 115
8 Bernard Tester Erins Isle 116
8 David Crum Portmarnock 116
8 David Maloney Loughlinstown 116
9 David Horan Glenville 117
9 Gareth Walsh CPM 117

Best of luck to all qualifiers, timesheets will be published in the coming days.

Reminder – DCB Meeting tonight in Lucan @ 8.15pm

Ladies Trial – 4pm Sunday 20th May @ Glenville

Our Chairman has confirmed that there will be a Ladies trial in Glenville on Sunday the 20th May at 4pm. It will be a shotgun start. PPUI dress code applies.

RGSC Open – Cancelled

Due to unfortunate circumstances RGSC have to announce that their Open on 13th to 17th June 2018 has being cancelled.

National Matchplay – Ladies

Dublin will have several ladies representing us in Tullamore during the June Bank Holiday, after this weekends Leinster qualifying in Athgarvan. The brilliant Ger Ward is already there, flying the flag as defending Champion, and the below will now make their route to the pristine Tullamore venue for a crack at the titles on offer. Well done to all and best of luck down there.

Gross All Ireland Ladies Matchplay

Ger Holland (RGSC)

Pauline Balfe (Old County)

Maree O’Toole (Shandon)

Sheila Elmes (Portmarnock)

Louise Grace (RGSC)

Philo Condron (Lucan)

Nett All Ireland Competition

Dora Keane (Lucan)

Evelyn O’Gorman (Lucan)

Inter County Trials

Gents Senior

20th May Dublin S/P qualifiers @ Lucan

27th May Leinster S /P qualifiers @ Ierne

10th June Dublin S /P finals @ Ierne

17th June Leinster S/P final @ Bagnelstown

30th June National S/P qualifier @ Old Co

7th July dedicated trial @ TBC

15th July National S/P final @ Glenville

18th July dedicated trial @ TBC

5 out of 8 scores to count.

Inter/Junior Gents

20th May Dublin S/P qualifier @ Lucan

27th May Leinster S/P qualifier @ Loughlinstown

10th June Dublin S/P final @ Ierne

17th June Leinster S/P final @Bagnelstown

30th June National S/P qualifier @ Old Co

14th July National S/P final @ Glenville

3 out of 6 scores to count

Ladies Snr, Inter and Junior

20th May dedicated trial @ Glenville

9th June Dublin S/P @ Ierne

16th/17th June Leinster S/P @ Gowran

1st July National S/P @ Collins

12th July dedicated trial @TBC

3 out of 5 to count.

P.P.U.I. dress code applies in all grades